Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Word = Agua!!!

Gemma has been very vocal and babbles quite a bit.  We thought that every now and then she'd land on a word that was recognizable like 'abajo (down)' and 'gato (cat)' but she hasn't been consistent.  Just in the past 3 days she has shown us that she really knows and can consistently reproduce 'agua (water).'  This is very exciting!

So now when we go to her in the morning, besides begin greeted by her regular cheerful demeanor, she says 'agua' and we now immediately go to the kitchen and sure enough she's thirsty and drinks a ton of water.  She loves to drink water, just like her mama.  :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So just about 2 weeks ago when she turned 11 months, she started taking her first very awkward steps.  In fact her first steps were with all the same foot so she ended up pivoting and it was very hilarious.  She was soooo very proud of herself - she's been practicing tons everyday and everyday she improves in leaps and bounds.  

Now she's pretty much an expert walker - she walks from room to room without falling, can turn around and even transports her favorite toy of the the moment while walking!  We are all having tons of fun!

Here she is playing and walking at her daycare: