Friday, October 10, 2008

Close Encounters

Our Gemma has started to use her baby sign language.  It started about 3 weeks ago and it is incredible to be able to get a glimpse of real communication with her.  At first I didn't really believe it was happening.  Could she really be signing?  Were the aliens in 'Close Encounters' really communicating through music?  We thought it was a coincidence - it wasn't.  At first each time she did her 'more' sign I'd get a little misty-eyed with joy.  I was so proud and amazed!  Now she does it so much we are getting used it and having her tell us what she wants.  :)  

'More' is for sure her favorite sign right now.  She uses it not just for food too.  If she wants more toys for her bath, if she wants to play on the bed more, if she wants to see pictures/videos of herself again she does her 'more' sign.  It is fantastic.  She also now has under her belt:
* cat
* bath
* daddy
* sleep

I know she understands a lot more but she hasn't started doing the signs yet.  For example she understands when we sign 'eat', 'change (diaper)', 'book', 'shoes', 'all done', 'bird' but she doesn't sign them herself.  So Scott and I will keep on signing and see what eventually she decides to sign (or not - either way is fine).  It is just phenomenal that we can have little conversations with her before her language abilities are fully formed.  We are hoping it will help with her toddler tantrums just a little (we know they won't go away).  :)

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Rock 'n' Roll School said...

She is Smarter then we can gather with our senses ...she is teaching us alot more then we can gather and for this I'm am thanksful and Grateful ...Thank you & Scotty for having such a princess & for sharing her developemnt and yours too!
lol ahahah
One Love Always,
Uncle G