Friday, October 31, 2008

Panda Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Our friend Nerissa lent us this great panda outfit she made for her kids and it fit Gemma just right!  :)  She was a super good sport about it especially since we let her venture outside.  

At first she was a little shy.   But then she got into it.  

Look out, there's a panda foraging in the forest!  Hahahha, this picture cracks me up!

I can't believe how confident she looks.  Where did our baby Gemma go?  

"What's that?"
"Wow, I'm gonna get that!"
I love that you can see her little tail here.
Hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween!  Scott and I will be celebrating at Gemma's daycare with all the other parents and kids from the daycare.  It will be fun!  :)  Love to all!


Rock 'n' Roll School said...

I am Flored ...too Tremendous....I love you & Gemma And Scotty & Blitz
Happy Halloween!
Uncle G

Nerissa said...

soooooo cute!

rociog said...

Hands down the cutest Halloween Baby of 2008!! Just awesome!!

Patrick said...

Your kid is adorable! Seriously. Best kid's costume ever.